[ti:US Medical Group Calls for Total Ban on E-Cigarettes, Vaping Products] [by:www.myyhpf.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]The American Medical Association has called for an immediate ban [00:06.98]on all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. [00:13.04]The group made the policy decision at a meeting Tuesday in San Diego, California. [00:20.34]It aims to push for state and federal laws and legal action to put a ban in place. [00:29.60]However, the industry is sure to fight back. [00:34.80]The AMA cited a quick rise in use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices among young people. [00:45.24]The devices heat a liquid into a gas or vapor. [00:50.08]Most products contain nicotine. [00:53.50]"It's simple, we must keep nicotine products out of the hands of young people," [01:00.08]Dr. Patrice Harris, AMA's president, said in a statement. [01:06.48]The doctors' group added that it has another reason for taking the position [01:12.05]— the recent U.S. spread of lung diseases linked to vaping. [01:17.19]Most of those sickened said they vaped THC, [01:21.95]the part of marijuana that creates a "high" –- not nicotine. [01:28.16]Officials believe a thickening substance used in illegally sold [01:32.94]THC vaping products may have caused the lung conditions. [01:38.64]About 2,100 people have gotten sick. [01:42.77]Forty-two people have died. [01:46.72]The disease spread has "shined a light on the fact [01:50.48]that we have very little evidence about the short- and long-term [01:55.17]health consequences of e-cigarettes and vaping products," Harris said. [02:02.60]The AMA has also sought bans on e-cigarette flavors and advertisements. [02:10.40]Some observers say the AMA's position has problems. [02:15.13]And they say there is little chance of gaining a full federal ban. [02:21.64]Jonathan Foulds is a tobacco dependency specialist at Penn State University. [02:28.56]He said he would support the AMA's position "if they were seeking a ban [02:34.78]on all tobacco products that are smoked, including e-cigarettes." [02:39.84]But he added, "right now, nicotine electronic cigarettes are competing with [02:46.32]and replacing the most harmful legal product in this country." [02:51.41]Gregory Conley is president of the American Vaping Association. [02:57.59]He said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made it clear [03:03.56]that its concern is black market THC oil containers sold by drug dealers. [03:11.72]He said it would be a mistake to listen to "misguided" supporters of a ban. [03:19.16]He said, "The evidence continues to indicate that adult smokers who switch [03:24.76]to nicotine vaping products greatly improve their health." [03:29.76]The AMA policy calls for a ban on vaping products not approved to help people quit. [03:37.60]That would mean a ban on all vaping products, [03:41.04]as there are no products approved as such in the United States. [03:47.08]Stephanie Caccomo, an FDA press officer, said the agency promises to do [03:53.72]"everything we can to prevent kids from using tobacco products." [03:59.84]Juul Labs, the nation's biggest e-cigarette maker, [04:04.08]did not immediately answer a request for comment from the AP. [04:09.36]E-cigarettes first appeared in the United States more than 10 years ago and are popular today. [04:16.88]Possible long-term effects of vaping are unknown. [04:21.68]The FDA has been widely criticized for repeatedly delaying its plan [04:27.25]to begin examining thousands of vaping products on the market. [04:32.48]The start of the investigation is now set for May 2020. [04:37.48]I'm Ashley Thompson. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 重庆幸运农场开奖结果查