[ti:Report: Number of International Students Coming to US Drops Again] [by:www.myyhpf.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]A new report says the number of international students [00:04.81]coming to American colleges and universities fell last year, for the third straight year. [00:15.48]The report, from the Institute of International Education, [00:20.29]found that the number of newly admitted foreign students [00:25.80]dropped by 1 percent in the autumn of 2018, compared to the year before. [00:35.28]This follows decreases of 7 percent and 3 percent in the two years before that. [00:44.32]Those were the first drops in attendance in more than 10 years. [00:50.68]The decreasing numbers of foreign students is an issue for many schools in the United States [00:58.85]that have come to depend on tuition payments from them. [01:04.00]Foreigners are usually charged higher amounts than U.S. citizens are. [01:11.31]Some schools blame President Donald Trump's comments about immigrants for keeping students away. [01:19.77]However, the State Department, which paid for the new report, dismissed the idea. [01:29.96]Caroline Casagrande works in the department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. [01:39.32]She said the high cost to attend U.S. schools frightens students. [01:47.04]She also said the decrease is linked to students [01:51.21]who were seeking admission to college during the presidency of Barack Obama. [01:57.85]She added that the numbers appear to be going back up under Trump. [02:04.44]"What we've seen today is a dramatically better picture compared to last year's declines," [02:12.63]Casagrande said during a telephone call with reporters. [02:18.60]She added that the Trump administration has provided [02:22.60]"more resources than ever to international student mobility." [02:29.60]While fewer new international students are coming, [02:33.79]the study found that more are staying for specialized training after they finish college. [02:42.40]More than 220,000 were given permission to stay for temporary work [02:49.48]through a federal program, an increase of about 10% over fall 2017. [02:59.60]China continued to send more students than any other country, [03:05.64]followed by India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. [03:12.18]However, years of growth from China have leveled off. [03:17.65]The number of Chinese students in U.S. schools rose by less than 2%. [03:25.96]Some colleges and universities have noted major decreases [03:32.29]in Chinese students signing up for classes. [03:37.33]At the University of Alabama, the number of Chinese students [03:43.02]has dropped by 43% over the past two years. [03:50.09]At the University of Iowa and at Kansas State University, [03:56.26]Chinese enrollment fell by about a third in the same period. [04:03.80]Education experts have blamed the drop in Chinese students on several things. [04:12.32]Chinese students have reported difficulty getting U.S. visas [04:17.92]in the middle of a trade war between the two nations. [04:23.52]Universities in Australia and Canada have worked harder [04:28.44]to interest Chinese students in their colleges and universities. [04:34.89]Also, some educators say concerns over academic espionage, [04:41.42]or spying, have fueled anti-China feelings at U.S. schools. [04:49.32]State Department officials said they are working to ease tensions [04:54.49]and persuade Chinese students to study in the United States. [05:01.28]Casagrande said the department is working hard [05:05.11]to make sure that Chinese students know they are welcome here. [05:11.12]"We want these Chinese students here," she added. [05:16.68]The State Department recently sent a group to China [05:20.55]to speak in support of academic exchanges. [05:25.68]U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad recently wrote an opinion piece [05:31.43]in a Chinese youth publication inviting students to study in the U.S. [05:38.92]The report also found that far fewer students are coming from Saudi Arabia. [05:46.37]This began in 2017 when Saudi officials cut back on a program [05:54.45]that provided money to study around the world. [05:59.64]There were also drops in students coming from South Korea, Japan and Mexico. [06:08.44]The report also noted that growing numbers of students from Asia, [06:14.13]Latin America and Africa want to study in the United States. [06:20.72]Numbers from Brazil and Bangladesh jumped 10% last year, [06:28.19]while Nigeria increased 6%. [06:32.40]In recent years, many universities have increased advertising and recruiting efforts [06:40.31]in those areas as they look for ways to make up for losses from China. [06:48.26]"More institutions are expanding their outreach in more regions," [06:54.62]said Mirka Martel, with the Institute of International Education. [07:01.59]"This growth demonstrates how attractive a U.S. education is for students around the world." [07:12.68]I'm Anne Ball. [07:14.79]And I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 重庆幸运农场开奖结果查