[ti:Rajapaksa Brothers Set to Control Sri Lankan Politics Again] [by:www.myyhpf.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]One brother is considered likely to become Sri Lanka's president in elections this weekend. [00:10.04]Another brother is thinking about seeking the prime minister's job [00:15.42]after parliamentary elections early next year. [00:21.64]Two other brothers shape policies for their Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna party. [00:31.56]One of them may become the speaker in parliament. [00:35.28]Three members of the family's next generation are also active in politics. [00:45.64]The Rajapaksas are back at the center of Sri Lankan politics, [00:52.24]and some of the country's citizens are worried. [00:58.20]The four brothers are famous for the defeat of Tamil rebels [01:03.08]as well as moving the island nation away from the West and towards China. [01:10.88]While there are no opinion studies of likely voters, former defense secretary [01:17.49]Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the favorite to win the presidential election on Saturday. [01:25.76]His chief opponent is Sajith Premadasa, a government minister. [01:32.76]Gotabaya led the military operations against Tamil Tiger rebels [01:38.60]when his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa was president. [01:44.24]Gotabaya has faced legal action in Sri Lanka and the United States [01:50.40]over reports of staged killings of Tamil separatists, critics and journalists during the war. [02:00.76]Both brothers deny the accusations and say they are a part of a Western plot [02:07.59]to interfere in the nation of 22 million. [02:13.16]Sri Lanka has long had conflict between the majority Sinhalese Buddhists and minority ethnic Tamils. [02:23.88]In recent months, the Sinhalese have also targeted the island's Muslim community. [02:32.12]Mahinda Rajapaksa lost the 2015 presidential election to Maithripala Sirisena. [02:43.44]Out of office, the family's influence decreased. [02:49.88]Last April, attackers bombed hotels and churches, killing more than 250 people nationwide. [02:59.16]The Easter Sunday bombings nearly destroyed Sirisena's presidency. [03:06.20]He has announced he will not seek re-election. [03:12.00]The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks. [03:18.24]The bombings have increased public support for the Rajapaksas [03:23.76]and their politics of Sinhalese nationalism. [03:29.64]Mahinda is barred by law from seeking another term as president, [03:35.25]so he is campaigning for his brother, Gotabaya. [03:41.48]Another brother, Basil, oversees the party's finances. [03:46.88]He also makes agreements with competing groups, [03:51.14]while a fourth brother and former speaker, Chamal, [03:55.77]campaigns in the family stronghold in the south of the island. [04:03.00]Currently, Mahinda is the leader of the opposition in parliament. [04:08.28]He is the clear choice for prime minister when parliamentary elections are held next year, [04:15.78]said Keheliya Rambukwella, the Gotabaya campaign's spokesman. [04:24.04]Chamal Rajapaksa would be the choice for parliament speaker, [04:29.12]a position he held in the past, political experts say. [04:34.18]In all, seven members of the family are involved in politics, [04:39.76]and some of the others could also end up in parliament. [04:45.44]"We are going to see family rule again, and all the excesses [04:50.85]that came up with it the last time," said Health Minister Rajitha Senarathne. [04:59.12]The state-operated newspaper Sunday Observer wrote in an editorial [05:05.15]that it was "afraid" of a Gotabaya presidency and appealed to voters to make the "right choice." [05:14.24]"A wrong choice will send the country...toward authoritarianism," it said. [05:21.84]Gotabaya's spokesman dismissed warnings about family rule, [05:26.95]saying the candidate was quite clear: ability will be the only consideration for top political jobs. [05:37.76]"When Gotabaya comes to power, [05:40.64]he will appoint people with qualification to the positions," Rambukwella said. [05:49.24]During the election campaign, Gotabaya has been talking about the need to strengthen national security. [05:57.98]He repeatedly has spoken about the Easter Sunday attacks. [06:04.84]At a campaign event in central Sri Lanka, Gotabaya said he had raised special-forces to stop extremism, [06:15.02]drug traffickers and criminals during his time as defense secretary. [06:20.79]He added that the power of these troops had been weakened since he left office. [06:28.09]I'm Susan Shand. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 重庆幸运农场开奖结果查