[ti:California Hmong in Mourning After Deadly Attack] [by:www.myyhpf.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Members of the ethnic Hmong community in Fresno, California [00:04.75]are in mourning after gunmen shot 10 men killing four over the weekend. [00:11.92]Police said at least two men armed with semi-automatic handguns [00:17.42]entered the backyard of a house and started shooting into a crowd. [00:23.76]About 16 men had gathered there to watch a football game on television. [00:31.28]The gunmen did not speak, and no one had a good look at them. [00:37.88]Police said witnesses only saw flashes of gunfire in the dark. [00:45.12]Sunday evening's attack killed Xy Lee, a popular Hmong singer and musician. [00:52.80]His YouTube videos have been viewed millions of times. [00:58.88]Also killed were Phia Vang, Kou Xiong, and Kalaxang Thao. [01:05.44]Officials said six were wounded including three in serious condition. [01:12.44]Women and children inside the house were not hit. [01:18.04]Pao Yang is head of the Fresno Center, a Hmong community group. [01:23.88]He said, "Our community is in mourning, [01:27.64]and we still don't know what's going on, or who are the suspects." [01:33.76]On Xy Lee's YouTube channel, one fan wrote, [01:38.32]"We will miss you so, so, so much brother Xy. [01:41.83]Rest well. We will meet again." [01:46.36]Another added, "Your songs hit hard this time around. RIP brother." [01:54.04]Paula Yang is a friend of the homeowner, whose brother, Kou Xiong, died in the attack. [02:01.48]She said the shooting has many in the community fearful. [02:07.24]Yang said, "Even right now, families are gathering inside saying, [02:13.11]what can we do to protect our home from this day forward?" [02:18.19]The Hmong are an ethnic group from the mountain areas separating Laos and Vietnam. [02:26.48]Many fled after fighting alongside the United States during the Vietnam War. [02:33.02]The 2017 census estimates about 300,000 Hmong live in the U.S., including 25,000 in Fresno. [02:44.76]The Fresno police chief said, "This is truly a good group of people who were simply having a party." [02:54.04]However, the police are investigating whether the shooting was connected [02:59.10]to a recent "disturbance" involving some of the people at the party. [03:05.12]While they had not found any gang connections to the victims, [03:09.80]Fresno police are concerned about the possibility of retaliation [03:14.72]or more violence ahead of the Hmong New Year. [03:19.48]The celebration comes the week after Christmas and draws thousands of Hmong to Fresno. [03:27.20]Police said there have been 11 violent incidents [03:31.04]related to Asian gangs in Fresno this year, three of them in November. [03:39.00]The Fresno shooting was also the third mass shooting in four days in California. [03:46.52]Last Thursday, a 16-year-old boy killed two students and wounded [03:52.32]three others at his high school in Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles, before killing himself. [04:00.08]On Saturday, a San Diego man shot and killed his wife [04:04.96]and three of their sons before killing himself. [04:09.32]A fourth son was on life-support. [04:12.78]I'm Jonathan Evans. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 重庆幸运农场开奖结果查