[ti:End Your Confusion about Borrow and Lend] [by:www.myyhpf.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.01]This week we answer a question we received in an email from Tina. [00:07.40]She writes: [00:09.52]I just want to know how to use the words [00:13.07]"borrow" and "lend" in a situation. [00:17.53]Is it correct to say, "Could you lend me a pen?" [00:21.68]or " Can I borrow your pen?" Thank you very much. [00:27.72]These two words are a source of trouble for many English learners. [00:33.87]The reason? They have about the same meaning, [00:38.45]but each word's action goes in different directions. [00:43.39]"Borrow" means to take something from another person, [00:48.25]knowing you will give it back to them. [00:51.10]"Lend" means to give something to another person expecting to get it back. [00:58.37]So the sentences you asked about are both correct. [01:03.08]Your choice of "borrow" or "lend" [01:06.36]depends on which direction is more important to you. [01:10.58]Imagine yourself in the middle of the picture. [01:14.09]Anything you "borrow" moves toward you. [01:17.97]Things you "lend" go away from you. [01:21.87]Notice that the prepositions that often follow the verbs are different. [01:28.53]We borrow from someone, but we lend to someone. [01:34.04]Let's say you and I go shopping, Tina. [01:38.40]I need to sign my name on a receipt, but I do not have a pen. [01:43.76]So I ask you, "Can I borrow a pen?" I chose "borrow" [01:50.08]because I am thinking of the action as it relates to me. [01:54.19]You are a good friend, so you lend me the pen. [01:58.56]I forget it is yours and I put it in my bag. [02:02.97]Later, we meet a good friend and she asks for your email address. [02:09.72]You search in your bag, but – no pen! [02:13.05]You think, "I lent Jill my pen. And she didn't give it back to me." [02:18.92]Now you are thinking of the action that you did. [02:22.89]So, you can ask me, "Jill, do you remember [02:27.12]that pen I lent you? I need it now." [02:30.77]I feel bad that I forgot to return the pen. [02:34.68]I say, "Sorry, Tina! I forgot that I borrowed it. Here you are!" [02:40.57]Be careful: personal pronouns like me, you, him and others [02:47.82]never come after the verb "borrow," [02:51.21]but it is correct to use them after "lend," [02:54.97]as in, "Lend me a dollar for some ice cream." [02:58.66]I hope this helps you understand "lend" and "borrow." [03:02.86]And that's Ask a Teacher! [03:05.60]I'm Jill Robbins. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 重庆幸运农场开奖结果查